New Mandatory Notice of Right to be Free from Discrimination Because of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Related Conditions Posting for Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights has released the Notice of Right to be Free from Discrimination because of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Related Conditions posting. This new required notice protects employees and applicants from discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions. Those who are applicable have the right to request reasonable accommodation for the previously explained conditions. The employer must provide the names, phone numbers, email addresses and addresses of staff members designated to handle requests for reasonable accommodation, or to act as contacts for filing complaints of discrimination. Lastly, the notice includes contact information if discrimination has occurred and a revision date of July 2015.

This notice became effective: July 1, 2015

The  Rhode Island All-In-One State and Federal Poster has been updated to include this new mandatory posting.


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