New Hampshire

New Hampshire Whistleblower Posting Updated

  • 6th March 2014

New Hampshire State and Federal Labor Law PosterEffective February 15th, 2014, the State of New Hampshire Department of Labor’s Whistleblower posting has been updated to include that an employer shall not discharge, threaten or discriminate against any public or private employee if the employee objects or refuses to participate in any activity that the employee, in good faith, believes is a violation of the law or rule. The previous requirement that the employee must bring evidence of the violation to the attention of their supervisor or employer (unless doing so would be considered futile) has been removed from the posting. The revision date has also been updated to reflect the new posting. There are also additional minor text changes to the posting.

The Whistleblower posting is mandatory to post for all employers within the State of New Hampshire. This notice must be displayed in a location where it can be viewed by all employees. If the business operates from multiple locations within New Hampshire, the Whistleblower notice must be displayed prominently at each location.

The New Hampshire Whistleblower posting is included on our New Hampshire All-In-One Labor Law Poster.