Illinois Mandatory Pregnancy Rights Notice Update

  • 24th April 2017

The state of Illinois Department of Human Rights has updated the Pregnancy in the Workplace notice with updated information on the accommodation offered during pregnancy. A new department logo and updated workplace addresses have been added. The revision date has been updated to 2/2017.

New Mandated Labor Law Posting for Illinois

  • 17th October 2013

Illinois has released a new Emergency Care for Choking posting. This posting is effective as of September 2013. Current Illinois labor law posters will need to be replaced to include this new posting.

What is this posting?

The Illinois Department of Public Health has updated their required Emergency Care for Choking poster. The new poster has extensive differences, with different emergency instructions, different demonstrative pictures, and clarifications on how to respond in an emergency situation. Additionally, the revised poster reflects the new address of the Illinois Department of Public Health. Effective date is September, 2013.
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