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Tips for Employee Performance Management

  • 15th March 2013

Employee performance is a crucial step for improving employee productivity and should be regularly monitored, evaluated and communicated. There are a couple of things that you can implement to ensure effective procedures and systems to manage your employees.

The first thing managers should do is ensure that they have an updated job description on file for each employee. This prevents any blurring of what the employee is responsible for and helps to define how their success level will be gauged. Having an updated employee handbook is also important. This offers a reference point to review and reflect upon the current Performance Review procedures. Creating a performance review form will also help you to track employee contributions, strengths and any areas that need improvement. Once you’ve scheduled individual Performance Review meetings with employees, both parties will be clear on the contributions and areas of improvement and assistance or resources may be offered to help address specific areas. It is also important to schedule a follow up meeting to monitor performance. Each performance review should be kept in the employee’s HR file and managers should be trained on how to conduct Performance Review meetings and complete Performance Review forms.

Some key pointers to keep in mind are to make sure that the process is as transparent and open as possible to retain the morale and integrity of the employee. Showing appreciation, acknowledgement and being impressed with good performance as well as balancing constructive criticism with positive feedback are integral to a successful meeting and effective communications strategy. It’s also a great idea to brainstorm along with the employees and keep the lines of communication open and support their efforts to improve. Once you help your employees to see the link between their performance goals and the overall company success, the output of the employees contribution will be more effective and their work will be more rewarding.