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The New OSHA Safety Pack

Did you know that failure to maintain a Written Safety Plan (or IIPP) is consistently among the top 10 most cited OSHA standards?

Our OSHA Safety Pack can assist you in complying with State and Federal safety regulations, help lower workers' compensation claims, and avoid safety-related fines and law suits.


Why do I need this?

OSHA Section 3203 mandate that all businesses maintain a written record of all health and safety hazards in the workplace with the appropriate procedures to handle each of these hazards. A written safety plan or IIPP, assists businesses in meeting these requirements.

What's included?

($29.99 Value)

Employers must inform their employees of pertinent workplace safety and health information in order to be compliant with various OSHA standards. The Osha4less OSHA Safety Notice Poster assists businesses by communicating employer specific notices, postings and information that are required in general industry including:

  • General Safety & Health Policy (29 USC 654(a)(b))
  • OSHA Poster (3165-09R) -- “It’s the Law” (29 CFR 1903.2)
  • OSHA 300-A Summary (29 CFR 1904.32)
  • Right to Access Medical and Exposure Records (29 CFR 1910.1020(g))
  • Injury & Illness Reporting Procedures (29 CFR 1904.4)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Notice (1910.132(f)(1)(i)(ii))
  • Emergency Contact Numbers -- 29 CFR 1910.151(a)

Combined with an effective Written Safety Plan, industry specific employee training and ANSI Certified first aid materials in the workplace, the OSHA Safety Notice Poster is an essential part of the safety culture necessary for employers to provide a safe and healthy work environment as required by OSHA.

OSHA Safety Notice Poster

NEW! OSHA Basic Written Safety Plan
($79.99 Value)

Designed to assist in meeting OSHA Standards for an IIPP, the Basic Written Safety Plan provides a written record of all health and safety hazards in the workplace and the proper procedures to handle these hazards. OSHA recommends a written safety plan as the perfect means to meet these requirements.

The just-updated Basic Written Safety Plan includes the basic requirements for an Injury and Illness Prevention Program as laid down by OSHA*:

  • OSHA-Business Disaster Recovery Safety Plan
  • OSHA-IIPP-Safety & Health Plan
  • OSHA-IIPP-Workplace Security Safety Plan
  • OSHA-Incidents & Investigation Safety Plan
  • FBI Anthrax Poster
  • Suspicious Mail Alert Poster
  • Safety Plan Quick Guide

Be Ready When OSHA Inspects!

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*The Basic Written Safety Plan is not an "OSHA-proof" IIPP. Additional requirements may be applicable depending on industry type. The effectiveness of an IIPP and how well it meets OSHA regulations depends on you addressing all the requirements and putting them into practice in your workplace. An IIPP must be printed, and be available to all employees on request.

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